FILM: Hellboy (2019, Neil Marshall)

Hellboy (2019) theatrical poster.png

Supernatural-superhero film Hellboy is distributed by Lionsgate and based on the Dark Horse Comics character of the same name. Nimue the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich) is brought back to power after 1500 years and seeks to destroy mankind with her supernatural forces. Only Hellboy (David Harbour) can stop her, but prophetic visions indicate that his stopping her could cause the apocalypse. Can Hellboy find a way to stop her without causing the apocalypse?


  • Good use of make-up, and also of fake blood and injury detail in the fights.
  • David Harbour gives a suitably gruff turn as Hellboy, while Ian McShane is on fine form as ever as the (anti?-)hero’s adoptive father.


  • A highly convoluted film with a dull opening, shoddy pacing throughout and a hot mess of a climax (which has poorly realised emotional stakes) and an ending which is a blatant set-up for a franchise.
  • Poor concept art behind a lot of what comes to the screen, including a number of character designs, while the production design is rather shoddy with no real feeling of authenticity. Throw into the mix some appalling CGI and you have a film which is visually a real mess.
  • An appalling ensemble of characters, with a forgettable antagonist, ridiculous henchmen and cringe-worthy British stereotypes. There is a very poor standard to the supporting cast who play them, with a number of wooden performances, while having a Liverpudlian voice to Grugach the hog (Stephen Graham) is not in the slightest bit menacing.



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