_MG_2234.jpgWelcome to my blog. My name is Pete, and I am a critic, primarily of films, with semi-regular explorations into television and literature, and occasionally into video games. I predominantly write reviews that are bullet point lists of pros and cons (or nitpicks in the case of something truly outstanding), before reaching a verdict. Why do I do it in this manner? Well, I love doing reviews, and have done for a number of years. However, when I started this blog I was working full time, and doing voluntary work in my free time, so I did not have the time to write six paragraphs plus long reviews of everything, but when making notes for reviews I found that I could express everything relatively briefly in bullet point form. Ironic…or random…you decide.

The verdict will be a mark given out of ten (do note: I shall never give anything a zero as, no matter how poor the quality, I respect that time and effort went into making it). Why? Well, I find that ratings out of five stars are slightly restricting, and I feel that half-stars are a bit of a cop out. Do not ask me why, it is just one of my many peculiarities. All opinions on this blog are my own, and if you wish to discuss any of them with me further then do not hesitate to leave a comment. My only request is that you keep it civil, as the fact that our opinions may differ should not be a reason to clash. My posts will not be daily, but they will be as regularly as I can manage, so I wish you Happy Reading!

Here are thirteen random facts about me…or not so random…you decide. Either way, just bare in mind that when I say “Favourite” that does not necessarily mean that I consider it the best from a critical stance:

  1. Age: Thirty-something
  2. Height: 6″7
  3. Home: Wimbledon (the London suburb, not the tennis tournament – I have actually met people who did not realise that Wimbledon is a place before)
  4. Faith: Bible-believing Christian
  5. Occupation: PhD in Film Studies student at Kingston University
  6. Favourite film: The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  7. Favourite television series: The Simpsons (first ten seasons especially – spot the ’90s kid!)
  8. Favourite book: The Bible, followed by The Lord of the Rings
  9. Favourite video game: Pokémon Blue Version (again, spot the ’90s kid!)
  10. First 12-rated film I ever watched: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  11. First 15-rated film I ever watched: The Matrix
  12. First 18-rated film I ever watched: The Godfather
  13. Fictional character I am likened to the most: Hagrid from Harry Potter (especially since I grew a beard), due to my physical size, deep voice and (I quote) “big heart”